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Funky fresh kidoo

Trap hip hop dance hall band in Melbourne VIC, Australia


 Originally my name  is Karsan bachu,I was born in the Dominican republic of the Congo,capital Kinshasa,I left Africa at a very early age,my favourite subject at school was physical education however I've always admired musicians most of my life,most of my family are well know in musicians in the congo.

However due to no finances they were never heard of across the globe,in the year 2000s we excapped war and ran through the boarders of harbouring countries surving  on barely nothing,we slept in tents and drank from wells,my father's  hunting instincts feed us from Bush meat,and we scavenged from remainders of lions kills.

however we managed to sneak through boards and eventualy we were caught by the government troops in Uganda,we were then escorted to there  concentration camps,were people are held as refugees, for settlements for a chance to tell our story so we may have an opportunity to come abroad.

Many years of struggle pain and war plus losing most of our loved ones,in 2003 the Australian government heard our story as people were trying to kill us,we were moved to better livingenvironment

Miraculously  in mid 2004 the UNCR announced that we will fly to Australia,2014 11th of may we arrive in Australia,I decided to travel and see the Europe and I ended in  staying  for a few years,in 2015 I created my first music track.


which then was released on soundcloud and youtube,from there I kept on brain storming, I played at many county events including government festivals,then I was recognised by the public and the local news papers.


I have released over 40 music promotion track demos, on Facebook and youtube including Facebook and Instagram.