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Rock band in Guildford, UK



is a acoustic, rock and metal musician with several undergoing projects.

The 20 year old musician is also a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, recording artist, promoter.

She has three albums recorded from when she was younger, "15 years", "Sweet 16" & "1 in 7" she took time of to focus on her studies and her band but is now planning on playing and recording, an album all by herself. Her old band "Everyone Just Knows" are finished but she currently looking to start up another metal band soon & is looking for all female musicians to get involved. Her promotion company "Future Legends" is based in Surrey and works on giving multiple genre artists the opportunity to work with people of a similar style, target people who would enjoy the  music, find them opportunities & accommodate them with food a place to stay & pay. The main forte of the company so far has been Rock, Metal, Punk and Acoustic Bands. She is however always looking for new projects and to get involved with, anything musical even if she focuses on becoming a professional front women.


​Currently she is based in Britain and in University, studying on the Creative Artist Course at the "Academy of Contemporary Music". She is of British birth but raised in Greece also speaks German which makes her trilingual. Real name is Elleni Jean Kempson but most people call her EJ. She has a very strong humanitarian background due to her parents "Eric & Philippa Kempson" and volunteered on the Island of Lesvos for several years after she left the music school of Mytilene she decided to focus on the thousands of refugees landing on the shores of Europe and continues to do loads of charity events, talks about her experience being the youngest volunteer there for so long & attends conferences to try and better the situation. She has also played at multiple charity events for other causes such as Anti Bullying, Mental Health Awareness and LGBTQ support. Vegetarian although she wishes she could be Vegan but loves honey to much. Animal lover and gets very easily distracted by dogs. With a love for whiskey and good cocktails. Loves traveling the world with a backpack and a guitar, Has currently played all over the UK, in Greece, several places in Germany, Norway and has more coming up soon such as Sweden and France. Her music she would describe as a perfect combination between fiery rebellion and vegan cupcakes.


15 years

Sweet 16 

1 in 7