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Outside of Society

Alternative rock band in Magna, UT, USA


I have

been singing for about 17 years. I started in Round Rock Texas at age 14 singing and songwriting

after hearing Nirvana ont the radio. My first choice of instrument was drums and after I heard what

grunge rock had to offer I wanted to start playing guitar and singing. Already knowing the guitar for

2 years all I had to do was learn to sing and play. The most people I have performed for at once

was probably 400 or 500 people at a talent show in Orange County at a High School. My band has performed across the country touring different states for the past 3 years on and off. My biggest

passion in life is music and the arts. I am currently working on becoming a You Tuber for both my

band and my solo channel. Salt Lake City has been my home for most of my life so most of our

shows have been in Utah. From open mics to big and small stages I have always gotten positive

feedback. Recently I was in a car accident and was hit by a car while crossing State Street in Salt

Lake. Someone had been stalking me and I decided to try and run across the street to get away. In

the process I was hit by a jeep and thrown several feet, was lucky to survive, had 5 surgery's and

20 blood transfusions. It took a while to get my voice back after being on life support and not

singing for a while. I feel that it is time to fully commit myself to doing music by not only continuing

playing in my band Outside of Society, but also audition as a solo musician and spread my music

across the globe. Currently I rest on about 107 original songs and want to get back to the studio for

the next album. We have also played on Fox 13 News, Comcast, and a TV show called Marty's

Corner. My father taught me to play guitar over the telephone. He showed me the basic chords and

it took a few hours and lots of practice. Once I got it I was hooked. It was going to a Yes concert

that inspired me to actually try to become a musician on drums before I was really dedicated to the

guitar and writing and singing a song instead of just playing it.


Outside of Society Those Who Remain In Glory-Album

Outside of Society Never Be Done-EP