Mr Bibh

Afro beat band in Cape Town, South Africa


Cyriaque Nguie Ondomoui, Originated from Congo Brazzaville, also known as Bronze and now called Mr Bibh,is a Song writter, Singer, Rapper, Producer, Video Director, events planner and a hip hop activist. 

In 1996, Mr Bibh started rapping and producing music with a group named Metamorfoz in Brazzaville. On the 20th of March 2007, Mr Bibh was invited to perform with the group Bhetbhoss at the Franco Vibe concert in Tafelberg Gardens Tavern, Cape Town. The concert was hosted by Alliance Francaise and featured artists such as Deborah Tanguy (France) Jazz, Stephane Cogels(Belgium)Jembe and Carole M (Cameroon) Afro pop. 

Mr Bibh has also worked with a band named 13th Street; With 13th Street they have performed at the Grand Parade during the 2010 FiFA Soccer World Cup, then he produced and released a mixtape called S.O.P(signe of Progress) alongside Maninho(Mozambic) and Lyrics Lasisi(Nigeria) under the Label "3rd fingaSpace". In 2012 Mr Bibh released an EP "Nostalgie" as Bronze followed a year later by another one called "Mal du Bled". 

in early 2016, Mr Bibh featured  in the international compilation BoomBap vol3, alongside many  talented rappers from differents countries prod by Intelektu.

While still working on his  Album, Mr Bibh recently released a new  EP "RADIKAL" which is  a traditional BoomBap concept produced by Intelektu with explicit contents..

The jazzy  approach to Mr Bibh's music featuring live musical instruments makes him one of the most prolific  artists ; he focuses on live music with several instrumentalists, providing the balance of distinct soulful songs and smooth vocals with intense harmonizing choruses over rhythmic baselines coupled with raw hip hop and Afro beats. 

His ideas and initiatives about Hip Hop in Africa has affirmed his rightful place as a significant contributor to african hip-hop. He  has seen the growth of most of big rappers in Cape Town and has hosted most of them including Youngsta CPT, Garlic Brown, Burni Aman(Godessa), Isaac Mutan and Jitzvinger to name a few. 

Mr Bibh created Cape Town's biggest hip hop brand, called "Cape Town's Finest Hip Hop"' then sold it.                                                                                                                                                                   ( ), he has hosted and packed up shows in Cape Town,

( ). A huge biography on his name,he has contributed hugely in CPT's hip hop including "the train cipher" endorsed by metro rail.( ),

Mr Bibh is currently working on a hip hop movement called Afr Hip hop, which is dedicated to sharing an African based perspective of the global Hip Hop.,.(underconstruction) 

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Contact number: 0718104374

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Mr bibh is currently working on his album Plan B that will be released early 2019.


Posted on Jul 03 2019 at 05:41pm