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Thomas Troutman

Pop musician in Dayton, OH, USA


Thomas L. Troutman is not your average millennial. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and coming from the world-renowned Troutman family legacy (Zapp & Roger Troutman) Thomas has never played it safe or had it easy in the arts and entertainment industry. 

Thomas is a singer, dancer, actor, and producer; as well as a speaker, teacher, and an expert in the area of performing arts and live event production. 

Thomas is the founder of SuperSTARmediaGroup, LLC a multi-media production company that specializes in live events; and the creator of “The Live Experience” online course that teaches artists, bands, managers, and event planners how to successfully create live events that give their audience an experience that FEARLESSLY sets them apart from other performers and event hosts.

Since 2011 Thomas has coached and directed 100s of dancers, actors, and singers enhancing many of his students’ arts careers, getting them into performing arts programs on the industry and collegiate levels and helping students find their lane in music, dance, and theatre. 

"The arts have saved my life. Writing songs and sharing them on stage have changed me right before the eyes of an audience, and I do this for that very reason. My only intention with sharing my gifts is to shine a light on the fact that music, dance, writing, singing, all have the power to heal and break strongholds. Unlike most children at the ages of 7-10, I ABSOLUTELY did not play with toys (insert laughter here). My creative mind would gather costumes and create entire concerts with lighting, music, backstage production, and fully choreographed high energy shows; just to perform them for my neighbors and family. I honestly did this to cope with the psychological and emotional trauma of bullying, physical and sexual abuse, and social isolation; it was a way to break away from the thoughts of what I was going through outside of my world. I just want to change the world with my gifts. I love music and I love the freedom I have to share my stories with people and let them know, in some way or another, we're all going through the same stuff. This is what creates experiences"

Thomas has toured the world as a singer, musician, dancer, actor, and production manager performing for over 4.3 million people. He has shared the stage with and performed in festivals with the likes of artist such as Zapp, Shirley Murdock, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Fantasia, Ice Cube, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Anthony Hamilton, En Vogue, Charlie Wilson, Robin Thick, Kem, Morris Day and The Time, SWV, and the list goes on. He has successfully produced 10 sold out theatre and dance concert productions in the last 8 years and has been on twice as many production teams as a director, stage manager, choreographer, creative director and more providing his knowledge and expertise.





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