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Lila Blanca

Alternative band in Philippines


About the Band


An Independent Artist/Band who begun in 1997, headed by its lead vocalist, lyricist, and guitars, Mike Lila. , formerly named “Burn”, then, changing it to “Emblem of Adversity”, to forming to a new, named, “Lila Blanca”.


“Lila Blanca”- meaning; to live, one must experience death or to die. (from the book of Mark)


Having their own compositions, the group intends to focus on the topics about life, love, and the likes. with the use of their own experiences and combined ideas, delivering remarkable lyrics and arrangements, to reaching the best and complete understanding of the works.


In the old acts,  playing at Club Dredd, Mayrics, The Hobbit House, etc., was indeed a remarkable experience, performing together with great indie artist/bands and more..


The comeback of the music, in a benefit gig for “Keil Amon” which was held recently on December 11, 2014, at Conspiracy Bar-Visayas Ave. Again, it was such a timely return and blessing to be invited to a play with a good cause. Also, the said event served as an initial showcase for the band to share of things yet to come.


Now, the group is in its highest dedication of highlighting Alternative Rock Music with a dash of Electronica(Genre), to further enhancing their own taste for music, exploring the depths and experimenting new sounds, for the love and passion for music.


Recently, the band made a release of their very first single, entitled “Ligaw”-a song about love, betrayal and s new hope, making its way to the Top 10 (, and progressive. Up-to-date, the group continues to making more dominant music records. 


1. The Collie Flower Album EP - 2014

Songs Included:







2.Wandering EP - 2019

Songs Included: