Sound Plus Records

Blues music/ rock n' roll band in Mission Viejo, CA, USA


Nadel Paris is a recording artist with Billboard placement and a track record in EDM music. She is now redording 

a blues/Rock n' Roll record with Etta James' guitarist who was with her for 15 years.

Also Al Jarreau's keyoardist, and top drummer and bassist. Her musicians have been in the inductry and worked 

with top names in the industry, including Areha Franklin.

They have an amazing act and are planning an international tour.

Nadel was nborn in France. An American citizen, she sings unaccented Ameruican English and unaccented French.

Her album produced by Josh Sklair, Etta James, comprises covers such as Born Under a Bad Sign, Let it Rock,

Trouble in Mind, as well as a bluesed up version of La Vie en Rose. 

Nadel is not only an amazing singer reminiscent of Janis Joplin, but she is beautiful.