Sinaita Lepaio

Pop musician in Brisbane QLD, Australia


Hey there,

names Sinaita [sin-aye-tah] I know it's a weird one... but yeah I'm a young musician whos just finished high school and really wants to have a go at this whole music deal. I grew up on old school music and hating pop but somehow have basically become a pop-ish musician. I wanted to be genreless (you can find me on youtube at Genreless Media mind you) but so far have only written like pop-rock-country-ish music.

I just wanna make something out of myself so I can give back to the family and communities that raised me.

You can find my music on my youtube (as mentioned) and soundcloud (@SinaitaLepaio) however I only have my first takes up there at the time of writting this so they arent the most perfact sounding songs lol but more professional version will be coming as well as new music as it happens. 

You can also find me posting daily over at @Sinaita_ on IG and for professional specific posts at @genreless_media


Cheers friends and whether you read this morning, noon or night have a blood good one,



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