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Shay Nutt

Hip hop / rap band in Los Angeles, CA, USA


ShayNutt new project will embody a lot of transparency while bringing a new tone of female hip-hop back to the industry. The current project will be released in Late August and will be titled "Tomboy Sexy". ShayNutt is constantly in the studio working on the project to deliver an album that speaks to her character. This is music she wants and just hope others come along with her.  The current single “F*ck Yea” is being streamed daily and is making its way up the charts. ShayNutt return to the booth has been well received with more than 5.3k listeners and 8.1k streams on Spotify in less than a week.  ShayNutt dropped the single and it ended on the charts right under Cardi B,  that for her alone some might say is a huge accomplishment, but wait there is more.  What's next?  ShayNutt jut recorded a banger with former owner of The Source Magazine "Benzino" so stay tuned for that collaboration, dropping next. 

About ShayNutt:
ShayNutt  is a West coast female artist out of Watts, California, who has been in the industry for more than 15 years and counting. After taking a hiatus for several years while advocating for women and Hip Hop producing the Female hip-Hop Honors and managing Underground Girls of Hip-Hop ensuring that the platform was respected platform for women. ShayNutt decided to return to the booth and pin a new project. Now she's back in full effect and ready to bring a new type of female to the industry a real type of female to the industry a  breath of fresh air straight out of Watts California.

ShayNutt has infused street music with boardroom lingo, being a female with several businesses under her belt its important she keeps the essence of ShayNutt while being the diverse unique being that she is a fully educated street chick.


Honey Boom featuring Benzino

F*ck Yea

West Coast Problem


Posted on Aug 12 2019 at 04:13am