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Rock band in London, UK


Thernic are a hard rocking 4 piece band founded and fronted by Mariana Thern and lead guitar player San-J Ciriero in London 2017.

With Therns powerful vocals, dark grungy hooks and Ciriero’s hard driven blues riffs and solo’s they instantaneously hit it off, they completed they’re final lineup soon after with Cuban-Spanish Drummer Adrian Rodriguez and British Bass player Jimi Rose joining the group.

Now a fully formed and committed rock n roll family they have gigged all around the London circuit playing at prestigious venues and receiving rave reviews from fans and promoters. They have since released they’re much anticipated 4 track EP “Unleashed.”

They’re musical style is a mix of sleazy Grunge and blues based hard rock containing a versatile repertoire of hard hitting tunes, softer ballads and catchy alternative hits.

This band is for the generation of deprived hard rockers saving them from having to wait any longer for a band with spark, attitude, stage presence, oh and kick ass hard rocking songs!