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Bass Walker Marc

Progressive rock, classic rock, jazz, country. musician in Cambridge, ON, Canada


How's everyone doing out there?

                     Like most of us, I started playing guitar around 5 years old, then through my teens took up the drums, then bass, and keyboards. Through high school years and college years I was able to have the pleasure of playing at some special venues in Detroit, Windsor, Toronto with various bands over the years. I'm interested in being hired as a bass player to do shows within resonable distance.  These shows can be covers, original material, if original material it would be best to hear them a week prior to performance. Unfortunately I'm only available for Friday and Saturday performances at present, however that can change in time. I enjoy progressive rock, classic rock, country and jazz (not the too crazy jazz that goes all over the map) Enjoy improvisation and comfortable at playing like that, definately NOT afraid to perform in front of people. Also have excellent knowledge of studio production and look forward to working with artists who might be looking for a bass player to fill in. If you're interested in contacting me, I will look forward replying to any questions you have.



Have a great day everyone!!   Marc.


Posted on Aug 13 2019 at 02:16pm