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Gavin Kaufman

Singer songwriter musician in London, UK


Gavin Kaufman embraces music and songwriting as a kind of therapy; a means to process, understand and express his experiences whilst journeying through life on Earth. Not sticking to one specific genre or style he allows the song to dictate the way in which he self-produces his recordings. From acoustic folk-pop (‘Fall In’, ‘Dock Road'); through full-blown soaring epic cinematic soundscapes (‘The Visitors’, ‘10 10 10’); to intimate understated electronic arrangements (‘Rise Up’); through twee unapologetic fizzy pop (‘Fake It Til We Make It’, ‘Rescue Me’) Gavin touches regularly upon subjects of determination and not giving-up.

He’s not scared to embrace the truth around his own mental health, his struggles with finding his place in the world and his relationship with spirituality and the wider Universe. An artist of many colours and shades Gavin Kaufman threads strong melody and uplifting relatable lyrics throughout his songwriting and productions.

Although an optimist theme runs throughout most of Gavin’s work there are darker moments of despair and loneliness to be found in songs such as ‘Broken', ‘Hold On’ and 'Goodbye'. His interest in, and experience with, otherworldly subjects can also be heard in ‘The Visitors’ and ‘The People’. Gavin's faith and belief in a universal source energy and our personal intuitive power can be evidenced through his mantra in ‘Fall In’ - “Listen, Follow, Believe”.