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Alternative rock musician in Toronto, ON, Canada


31 years old our of Toronto, ON. Transgender male and 3 years into Transition. 

Alexander (previously known as Terrance Cross) lived in the streets of Toronto for the better part of 8 years. 

In and out of foster care and shelters, hospitals and treatment centers - lets just say, that this Toronto based artist, has a Lot to say. 

From battling what seemed like endless violence, racism, transphobia (and the list goes on) - it came time for Alex to either get busy living, or get busy dying.  

With his music, he's healed the hearts and souls of hundreds (since he really isn't that well known-yet). 

Including his own. For Alexander, the only way up, is down. And after nearly a decade of being off the music scene and batlling his own demons - Alexander has arrived again, bringing his latest (and dare I say, most heartfelt) EP 'Still Standing.'