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Ashton Rich

Hip hop & r&b musician in Nashville, TN, USA


Ashton Rich is an artist and songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He has developed a unique blend of sound, which combines the melodies of R&B with the hard-hitting edge of hip-hop.

Ashton’s upbringing wasn’t a walk in the park: he grew up in the projects, and most of the time, his family wasn’t even able to keep their homes. However, Ashton never lost track of his dreams.

This skilled wordsmith knows a thing or two about creating dope rhymes and he has an instinctive ear for great rap music. His sound echoes the feel of old-school legends such as Biggie and Tupac, but it also has a modern approach, not unlike Kendrick Lamar or Logic, just to mention a couple! If you are a fan of hip-hop with no compromises, you’ll love Ashton’s realness and raw vocals.


“Ashton Rich proves he’s a valid contender in at least 3 different genres and if we count production he is easily a quadruple threat.”



1 Step to heaven 2 steps to hell

Past Present Future

Sober Enough EP

The Old Me