R&b musician in Decatur, GA 30030, USA


Hello. I play the piano and cello. I also sing i been playing for about 15 years. I self taught myself how to play on both instrustrents. I can read a little bit of sheet music only because i use to be in Orchestra a few years back...Base cliff is were i am strongest at if sheet music was handed to me. I play by ear very well on the piano. I have a strong passion for music and i really would love just one chance to persue my Dream. I use to play for a church 6 years ago on and off..I currently a line Cook at an indian resturant..been there for about 5 years...been cooking for about the same amount of time i do music...I dont like my cooking job matter of fact i despise it..but feel free to hit me up if interested i would be more than happy to link up with other musicians:)