Spitfire Sound

Blues rock classic rock musician in Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Been playing guitar and writing since 1964 when I was a kid.  Played in lots of cover bands, Zep happened and I was changed and began the rock blues genre where I am today, however I primarily do original material now.  In 1983 I began a small 16 track recording studio from which I engineered and produced several gospel albums, several kids music albums, several sound tracks for live theatre, and many radio and TV sound tracks, jingles, voice overs etc.  When the analogue world began to change I had to get rid of my gear and took a brutal financial hit and I got out of it completely.  I pursued my other career but kept writing and playing and got back into recording in 2005 with my first DAW.  I recorded my own band, but spent most time trying to learn the digital world.  That brings us to today.  I still write, I have a fabulous little studio and now work with several musicians doing mostly my compositions.  Aside from writing and working with composers and musicians and friends, I love producing, engineering, mixing and mastering. I have spent much time tuning my listening environment and have become very happy with it as it is sonically well balanced, however I am always experimenting. I am currently setting my music up for licensing and whatever comes along.  My studio goals are to move more and more towards complex mixing and mastering.  

having many many years at this I one day hope to be able to have some successes.  My heart is in this totally and I am painfuly persistent.