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Pop band in Amsterdam, Netherlands


AMARU is a singer-songwriter and a trained actor, originally from the Republic of Suriname (South America), residing in The Netherlands (Europe) since 1991.

Watching Denzel Washington on television (his favorite actor) propelled AMARU to take acting lessons and oddly enough it was the acting that took off before the music. He studied in Los Angeles and in Amsterdam and he has managed to build quite an acting resumé since 1995. From film, television and (international) commercials to print ads and voice over work, AMARU has done it all, but the music kept 'calling'. 
His acting resume is available at and the link to his IMDB profile is

In 2007 AMARU traveled to Chicago to work on an EP that generated the release of his debut single "Put Your Hands Up" in 2008 and the accompanying music video. While the EP didn't fare too well, AMARU did manage to get some airplay for the music video on television. In the meantime, he was still booking acting gigs, which kept him away from the music, yet again.

While AMARU has been releasing music since 2008, the idea of releasing a full length album arose after the video for his 4th. single "Independence Day" won a Bronze Award at the Global Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA (USA) in December 2016. And as mentioned earlier, AMARU had a steady line of acting gigs that kept him quite busy,  so making music was almost systematically put on the back burner.
And speaking of acting, he will star in his first international feature film of which shooting will commence in June 2019.

After his win at the Global Music Awards in December 2016, AMARU once again joined forces with producer Marcel van Ling from
"MoSound Productions" in the city of Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) to work on his debut album. The two started to work together back in 2014 on AMARU’s single "I’m The One You Need", which was released in January 2015 on CD-maxi single and on digital download. They continued to work together on the singles "The One", released in November 2015 and the award winning "Independence Day", released in August 2016.

25 May 2018... It's been a long time coming, but finally, it's here!"CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE", AMARU's DEBUT ALBUM!

Writing about what one knows is rule of thumb and all the tracks on "CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" are of a highly personal nature to AMARU. Everybody’s path in life is different and everybody has a story to tell. The songs on this album are all little chapters of the book of AMARU’s life.  While some of those chapters are rather dark and blue, the accompanying music produces a contrast that is both uplifting and inspirational
and as per all of AMARU’s songs, with a clear underlying message of love!

AMARU’s "CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" contains something for everyone. From Pop to Rock, from Neo-Soul to R&B, from Blues to Dance,
AMARU has tapped into many genres of music in order to reach as many people as possible.

AMARU’s "CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" is an eclectic collection of
"Adult Contemporary Pop Music With A Dash Of Latin Soul".

"CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" tells the story of a boy who was forced to grow up very fast, a boy who had to learn how to play the hand
of cards he was dealt. It's the story of a man who slowly but surely has come into his own, inviting YOU to tag along on this ride called LIFE!

AMARU’s music is widely available on CD Baby, iTunes, and many other retailers of digital music.


All releases available via this link:


Posted on Aug 14 2019 at 09:34am