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Hiphop/rap, rnb, soul musician in Elyria, OH 44035, USA


While he’s had very few projects released since beginning his journey in building his music archives, Doc ThaMADMan brings an interesting twist to Hip Hop and music in general. The Las Vegas native brings together his detailed artistic ability in drawing, his crazy imagination in writing, and his distinct ear for music to create a Hip Hop Comic book character, named ThaMADMan. The twist lies where Doc is the character in ThaMADMan comics, while ThaMADMan comic book character is Doc on stage. His style in music mixes Hip Hop in all it’s elements with a superhero-esque approach.



Free Lunch - 2017

Sound of the Man - 2017

Call Me Monster - 2018

#YourStereo - 2019

#HueyFreeman - 2019

And Then There Was O.N.E. EP - Coming 09/13/2019