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Thamie Da Drummer

Drum nation squat in Eldorado Park, Soweto, South Africa


Thamisanqa Khumalo (#Thamie da Drummer)

Freelance drummer


 Started playing drums from a very early age of 9 years old, on tins, furniture and anything that would bounce of an acoustic sound. He thereafter became a drummer for his local church.

He is currently a freelance drummer. 


“Thamie da Drummer” was born into a musical family.

His Grandfather was a music producer, while his Grandmother was a singer. They are his role models and main inspiration to continue the family legacy and becoming a drummer.

#Black Motion has also played a major part in his eagerness to pursue his dream in drumming 


He played at school events when he was younger

He shared a stage with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, and Marvin Winans.

He also featured in events such as;

The Grand opening of Kings Barber in his community;

AKA’s “Touch my blood tour” (Randfontein);

Eldo's Jazz festival;

The Squad turns one; and many more.


He does collaborations with the likes of Haunted House (DJ Wanted), Young Larnie Entertainment, The Squad, Dinky Kunene, and many more.

In his spare time he enjoys recording and creating beats.



Posted on Aug 30 2019 at 09:40am