iLL Sheek

Hiphop musician in Rochester, NY, USA



Rochester NY based artist ill Sheek was born into music and has been working on it for the past several years. Ill Sheek made some appearances in other’s music before being inspired to work on his own. In 2011 ill sheek noticed an absence in lyricism and song structure in Hip-hop. His goal is to make an impact to the rap game and bring back the true essence of Hip-


While rappers such as 50 Cent, Big L, Busta Rhymes, and Gucci Mane all influenced Sheek, so did the 70s era, everything from pro-black movements, soul filled love songs, and all the way to the cars. Sheek’s parents also play a huge role in his musical journey as well. His mother was raised in a church environment and sang in a church choir. His father started an independent music label in Rochester in the early 90s and directed the church choir his mother sang in.

Listening to Sheek’s music is like tapping back into the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. His style is effortless yet calculated. He blends lyricism and melody in a magical way. Excellent beat selection adds to the success of his project My Last First Time. His influences are apparent but Sheek carves is own lane by placing these sounds in a 2019 context. From the cover art to the

music video for ‘Inner G’, Sheek’s aesthetic comes through clearly, but it is clear that what comes first is the music and pushing Hip-Hop forward.