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Moral Conductor

Hip hop / rap musician in Johannesburg, South Africa


Moral Conductor’s Biography 

Early Childhood 

Underground Hip Hop lyricist, producer, beat maker, writer Moral Conductor was born on the 02nd of July as Zubenathi Kwanini to a single mother in the dusty township (ghetto) of Veeplaas in Port Elizabeth (the now Nelson Mandela Bay), Eastern Cape, South Africa. As many of his peers on the streets, he witnessed the effects of the apartheid regime upon the people, although 

this did not directly affect him as he was still young.

Finding Refuge in Hip Hop

Amidst his youthful stage, which was filled with identity crisis (as far as the social scheme of things were concerned) he found refuge in the art of Hip Hop and was just a microphone hound which led him to partake in shows such as Shell Road To Fame etc. His music is influenced by the daily struggles that the marginalized go through on a daily basis. While many of his peers were taking what seemed to be an easy route to fame and fortune (by embracing pop dance music and recently trap music). Moral Conductor found solace in the pure artistry of the Hip Hop culture as he felt he could relate to this as it related message of hope and re-instilled self-pride among the destitute. He began to write rhymes in the mid 90’s while in high school. He has shared the stage with Ian Kamau, Mizchif (R.I.P) and a host of other local mc’s. Hip Hop has helped to sharpen his mind when dealing with life in general. When he finished high school in the year 2000 he was heavily involved in the Hip Hop culture. He has created a number of Hip Hop crews such as CSG and The Outspokenz with childhood friends such as Vuyo Limba (Black Spot), Thanduxolo Mamase (Rectify) and Luvuyo Bokwana (Stress) to name a few and has also adopted quite a lot of aliases to date, started off as Nasty Dogg (which is a clear indication of his early influence in the game), at one stage he was called Karizma Da Zookeeper and he now goes by Moral Conductor  pseudonym. A name which, as he claims, best describes his role as an emcee, and that is to conduct morals. One of his early influences in Hip Hop was what one might term “Gangster Rap”, however he has since shifted his lyrical content and is solely focused on reflecting the ills, the short comings, trials as well as the daily struggles faced by indigenous people of African origin. Moral Conductor has been in the underground scene for some time and has even ventured 

into beat making and producing his own material. In 

Balancing Hip Hop and Life

Life has been somewhat bitter sweet for this humble, socially aware lyricist. He had to put his 

dreams and ambitions on hold when life threw an unexpected curveball his way in the form of 

him losing his mother who was everything to him. Besides the unbearable pain of the actual loss 

of his mother, what adds to the pain is that his mother died shortly after he had relocated to 

Ekurhuleni (East of Jo’burg, South Africa). So needless to say he was in a dark place. He fell 

into depression, losing interest (amongst other things) in every single thing including Hip Hop.

With the help of his wife and children he has managed to slowly master his strength back and is in the process of being an undeniable force in the culture. The sole aim, goal and vision of his artistry is to promote oneness amongst all the world population. But in order for that to be even remotely possible, there needs to be a stand on equal footing of black people with the rest of the world. Moral Conductor promotes spirituality rather than religion, a perspective which he claims 

happened subconsciously. He believes that Africa will one day be united but only after we, its 

inhabitants, have learnt to face and confront our uncomfortable truths.

2019 released “Moral High Ground EP” (link)

2019: Featured by Typsy Russel (Virginia, U.S.) on 3 songs on his “Muzik Theraphy LP” 

which is available on this link


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Twitter: @Moral_Conductor

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Call- +27 78 094 6320

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