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Pop rap musician in Toronto, ON, Canada


Abou me:

From the city of Toronto Canada, the Artist he became known as, "CBJ" (Chef Boy Jr.) was not just an inheritance but an ironic symbol. CBJ is currently described as an indie Pop / Hip Hop artist in the city of Toronto. Enthroned and revered as "The Young Chef of Pop / Hip-Hop," He became one of the genre’s most popular, charismatic, fresh, real young artist in Canada. Energy driven is not the only thing that describe his character, he's also known to be a thoughtful person on a mission to build with his community, create opportunities and provide for his loved ones.


One of CBJ's first material - The Come Up Volume 1 "Frustration” - detailed his past life, way of thinking and risks once taken.


Chef Boy Jr. recognized that they are other artists working hard everyday for a chance in this competitive environment, however he feel it is time to share his real life experiences with you the fans, the aspects of his life he kept hidden for years. CBJ knows his message will resonate to those who listens, it will help to motivate those who are going through similar ordeals, as we all RISE together as LEGENDS in our own endeavours.


The Come Up Volume I "Frustration"

Noverber 1, 2019 (UnitedMasters)


Posted on Oct 19 2019 at 06:13pm