Hip-hop band in Harrisburg, PA, USA


Mark Brown aka MAGNIFEEQ was born and raised in North Philadelphia music has been a part of his life since he was a child. His mother and father were part of a famous group by the name of Philly Cream. Growing up he was exposed to Motown hits, his mother was a very big Teena Marie fan and his father listened to everything from Jazz, Gospel, and R&B. Mark began his love of Hip-Hop by age 10 when he first heard Run-DMC Raising Hell Albumn. From that point on he was addicted practicing imitating the dynamic duo. At age 11 he got into dancing and performing at block parties in his neighborhood and was known as one of the best hip-hop dancers in his area. The block parties stopped following the arrest of his block captain who organized and promoted the shows, but that did not stop the aspiring MC. He began to tap more into his talents writing poetry in school and became a prominent orator. These talents helped in the future when he ran into childhood friend and also an MC Peedi Crakk. They performed shows at a local club on 6th and Germantown known as 2nd Cousins. He has worked with Black Friday entertainment surrounded by artist such as Eve of Destruction now known as just Eve who was later signed to Ruff Ryders and Beanie Sigel later signed to Rockafella, as a low level up n coming artist carrying records in crates setting up equipment and occasionally featuring on a track if they ever got exposure he never knew. Wanting more he began to form his own group with an array of artist one in particular was Don P of Men of Respect also a childhood friend. Then when he moved across town and lost contact with his early age friends they seem to have forgotten him. Magnifeeq never stopped loving the art of hip-hop. He struggled to make a name for his self in the underground by being one of the most hottest freestyle rappers in his hood but this did nothing for his career, he had a buzz in his new area but no organization to help him out. This never stopped his dream of one day being heard by the masses. He traveled from town to town in PA. displaying his talents to anyone who would listen trying to find a home base to grow and be part of a team. To his dismay no one seemed as serious as he was about making it. For a while he laid low and kept writing waiting for the perfect opportunity to explode on the scene. During his travels Magnifeeq meet his wife and setlled down with a family. He almost gave up on his dream, but music lived in him pumped through his veins and he could not let go. Now staying in Harrisburg, Pa he has made a name for himself with his group Cross Country Cannons. Magnifeeq knowing how loyalties and deligence are tested in this proffession also has a solo following and albumn in the works. With no expectations and no inhibitions he continually puts out music and tries his best to gain more knowledge of the game on his own. Magnifeeq believes it is his destiny to be one of the greats and loves what he does lyrically. He often says "when I wake up one day and don't want this anymore I'll stop but I doubt that day will ever come!!