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Mok Huxley

Rock band in Inland Empire, CA, USA


Mok Huxley was formed in February 2017 when Zac Hunter purchased a drum kit second hand from a friend's mother. D'Artagnan "Tag" Pruitt brought his bass guitar and Evan Speakman started to front the group with his vocals and guitar playing. Braden O'Brien has been on lead guitar with the group since meeting the trio at a party in Temecula wine country. With inspirations from Jonathan Richman and Blondie to The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Mok Huxley began playing house shows and entered the local circuit. Since then, they have been asked to play venues like San Francisco's Stork Club, Noise, Dba256 Pomona, San Diego's House of Blues and Anaheim's Chain Reaction. The band is currently known for their raucous and heart kick-starting live performances at parties and on-stage. Each member of Mok Huxley is married to their instrument and is dedicated to the groups montra and mission;
“Rock like Mok."


Coming October 31, 2019