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Krime 3S

Reggae musician in Richmond, VA, USA


In the world of entertainment, it pays to have your own identity; One that stands out in the vast sea of entertainers. Krime 3S is one such identity. Born “Krime Valentine” in Portland Jamaica. Krime has spent years honing his skills in his craft, and is focused on making realistic music about life's day to day struggle. His message to the world is one of motivation, in an attempt to let people know that “the road may be rough but it will get better”. Krime has such musical influences as Bob Marley, Garnett Silk, Vybz Kartel, Jay Z, and Rick Ross. Krime seeks to be an original in a league of his own, while achieving new heights that some may not believe a Jamaican can climb to. His main objective is to show the world what it is like for a Jamaican immigrant living in America. Krime lives by the phrase “Dream chasing yaadman”, which means “A Jamaican chasing his dream”.Not even the sky is the limit for Krime 3S, as he seeks to excel to heights unimaginable.


Old Friends

Dear Streets

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