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Spaghetti Wall

Alternative rock band in Poulton-le-Fylde, UK


We are 'Spaghetti Wall' a five piece Alt-Rock band formed a year ago in a small flat in Blackpool with the current rhythm guitarist (Noodle Niall) and myself (Spag Bolly Olly) we originally formed under the name of 'Ill fated Tapestries' after months of writing original pieces Olly & Niall finally set up their first gig and it was at a venue called the 'Lowther Pavillion'. The organiser for the event (Spaghetti Meg) who also manages the 'Upbeat Rock academy in Poulton Le Fylde loved it. After hearing us perform our acoustic act Meg offered Olly & Niall the chance of a life time.    the duo formerly known as 'Ill Fated Tapestries' had finally found a drummer in Meg who was enthusiastic about the sound and dedicated to improving it. A colleague of Spaghetti Meg known as 'Plain Pasta' who usually plays rhythm guitar decided he wanted in too. So we asked him "can you play bass" he simply replied "sure" and this is the foundation of what makes up Spaghetti Wall. The Jazz musician Meg on Drums, The Bluesy Bass lines of plain pasta fused with Nialls acoustic guitar topped with the theatrical vocals of Olly. We played in this formation for a few weeks and knew we were missing a special ingredient, something spicy, fresh the Parmesan to to the Spaghetti so to speak.    Enter left stage, 'The Rav' A classic Rock and Roll lead guitarist inspired by the likes of Hendrix and Van Halen was exactly what we were looking for. Niall & Olly had known this however all the way since that first set of chords were strung together in that tiny flat. See Niall & Dylan had practically learnt to play guitar together and unbeknownst to Niall at the Time, Olly had already been in a band with him for two years when they were both 16. Tracking this ingredient down was not easy but when all the other pieces had slipped gracefully into place Olly got the message. A request from the Rav to "catch up" and now the rest is history.    The Spaghetti Wall have started performing over the last month and gained tremendous traction filling out all the local venues we have attended, mesmerising everyone in the room. We now know what must be done..... our first single.    So now the Spaghetti Is prepared we are just chucking it at walls to see how much sticks!