Rnb private house in McDonough, GA, USA


Hi, I am Angel Sims and I am 17 years old. I've been in music since I was born. My grandma is a pianist as well as a music teacher, my grandfather was a saxophonist and a music teacher as well. My dad's a music engineer as well as a Dj, also my mom is a singer but has chosen to teach special needs. So I have been blessed with musical gifts of singing and with a colorful voice and can sing almost anything I set my mind to.


I have sung multiple genres of music from Rn'B to Christian even alternative. I like to be diverse in music and in everything I do, I am very open-minded and a fast learner. I have sung in churches, birthday parties, and when I was younger at festivals. My last gig was at a church for the youth and before that, I sang at a party.