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Indie rock band in Milton Keynes, UK


Inventive! - A band that seems to defy any genre or mould, Fozz have evolved but have stubbornly refused to compromise their musical freedom.
Fozz formed in 2000 when three like-minded musicians got together to work on playing and performing the original songs written by front-man Elliot Foskett.
The band performed to critical acclaim, winning Go! magazine’s awards for ‘Best indie band’ and ‘Best song’ with their single, ‘She Thinks She’s Bridget Jones’ in 2002.
Following on from this, Fozz found themselves on the national stage supporting big name bands - The Blockheads, Stiff Little Fingers, as well as featuring in national publications such as Osmosis.
The band morphed in style and in 2004, Elliot and drummer Tony Lacy were joined by new bassist John Wilkes. They released their first full studio album, ‘Dates, Mates & Carving Knives’ in 2005 featuring a few of their more well-known tracks.
Fozz continued to perform and in 2010 they were joined by sax and woodwind player, Cathy Fagan.

Starting Again!
The album, 'Start Again' really is a re-invention for Fozz. since the first album from the band 'Start Again' represents over a decade of angst and life experience!

A follow on album to 'Start Again' is in the making, so expect a few singles and EP's ahead of the actual album release


Be My Mrs - Single

Dance Very Slow - Single

Start Again - Album

Dates, Mates & Carving Knives - Album

She Thinks She's Bridget Jones - EP