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Beatles With Wings

Rock band in Bournemouth, UK


( Howie Casey Working with Paul McCartney and Wings

was one of the best periods of my life as a sax player.


A few years ago, while sorting through his sheet music, legendary sax player, Howie Casey, came across some of the songs he used to play with the Beatles and Wings in the 60s and 70s.

As he went through it, enjoying great memories of that time, an idea sprang to mind.

Why not form a new band like that, celebrating the fabulous music of Paul McCartney, the Beatles and Wings, similar to the lineup used on the Wings Over America Tour?

So the band Beatles With Wings began to form, with help from other experienced and professional musician friends. The current lineup is John Jones on Lead Vocals, Stuart Darling on Keyboards, John Christopher on Rhythm Guitar, Dave Christopher on Bass, Tim Wedlake on Lead Guitar, Paul Gill on Drums, Tony Waller on Trumpet, Steve Hayes on Trombone, Bev Miller on Sax, Clarinet, Flute, and Vocals, Vicky Barents on Vocals and flute, Helen Hardy Vocals, and Howie himself on Tenor Sax. The band also uses dep musicians of the highest quality from time to time, always putting on a great show.


 Over the last couple of years, ‘Beatles with Wings’ has performed brilliantly successful, sell out shows at venues around the UK. Don't miss a rare opportunity to see this great band.