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Champ Records Music Production

Hip hop / rap label in Houston, TX, USA


This organization which is locate in Houston, TX was founded back in the year 2005 to create music for people to enjoy. Our goals are to succeed in the music industry and build the company name as well as the artist under this label. With this new sound of music, which is called (HOOD CRUNK MUSIC) is guaranteed to bring any crowd to their feet. Here at Champ Records Music Production (C.R.M.P) we create original music and take great pride in everything that we do at this company. The C.E.O of Champ Records Music Production which is Frydae (Killasmoke) also engineers and records all of (C.R.M.P) music. With CO-CEO Lady-A also known as (Da Lyricstarr) which is also a song writer and artist. You can find more info on C.R.M.P and artist at:


The first release by UNDISPUTED was the album called (Hood Crunk) in 2008 which was released on Itunes, Rhapsody, Bandcamp, Napster and more. Followed by 2 other albums which is the (Brang Da Heat) Album in 2010 and the (By Any Means) Album in 2011 which can be found now only on You can also find a few free downloads from these particular albums at the Champ Records Music Production website store.

The upcoming album to be released by UNDISPUTED which is the (Gain On My Level) Album, is schedule to be released on all music platforms on 04/04/2020.

The upcoming album to be released by LEVEL UP which is the (Get Lit-Stay Lit) Album, is scheduled to be released on all music platforms on 04/04/2020.

(All with th Newest Hood Crunk Sound!!!)

Both groups have (EP's) released as of 01/04/2020, avaliable now on all music platforms to promote the NEW albums. All fans can purchase early at just follow this link:


(Hood Crunk Music) brings a different energetic performance out of each artist under the label. With groups (UNDISPUTED) and ( LEVEL UP) bringing the Hood Crunk sound to life along with giving great performances, is sure to move the crowd. They've performed this music in many events around Houston, TX and now is reaching for a bigger audience. This new style of music will surely, surely move any crowd.