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Lewis Mathis

Rock musician in Hot Springs Village, AR, USA


I am 63 as of this entry and have been playing music for over 50 years. Having retired from work for the last 2 years, I am now back to writing music again. I have played with several bands over the years. One originals band and several covers bands. I prefer writing my own stuff. I find it difficult where I live to find musicians, so I typically record all the parts myself. I have to program the drum parts since I can't actually play drums, though. I continue to write in the hopes that one of these days one of my songs will catch on. Until then, I write & record using anyone who cares to be a part of the music and do solo acoustic performances.


I am looking for a lead guitarist and maybe a vocalist to do some collaboration work. I have several songs I could use some help on to get completed. If you would be interested in talking about it, get with me.


Posted on Dec 05 2019 at 03:32pm