How to use LiveTrigger search engine

Follow these easy steps to learn how to search and find what you really want on LiveTrigger!

There are two main ways you can use Livetrigger search engine:


Specific Results

Go to your dashboard and type a location into the “WHERE” box!

For example you can search for a city as “London”…



… or a state as” France” or “USA”.

Then select one of the suggested options and click “SEARCH”!



All the results are displayed on the map: use the scroll wheel to enlarge or reduce the zoom on the map!

There is also a list on the right side of your screen: you can scroll it down to find other results.

You can click on the users’ name to view their profiles!


If you wanna find something that better fits your needs, use filters or tags to refine your search: you can find all the rock venues in the US for example…


… or all the the punk promoters in the world!


Use the distance bar to enlarge or reduce the zoom on the map!

Click on the markers to open the relative pop up, then click on the name to open the profile page:



Surf the map

Every time you open your dashboard you will find out what’s going on around you!

When you open LiveTrigger dashboard you are located in the place that you have provided to us!


Surf the map and use the zoom to enlarge or reduce it!

Click the refresh button to find new results!


You can find venues, bands/musicians and promoters all around the world!


Click on the markers to open the pop up and click on users name to go to their profile page.