A Better Day with Dark Knight, inspired by batman characters

Khristopher Rice, aka Dark Knight Ent, from my love and fanfare of batman is a huge fan of Micheal Keaton, Christian Bale, & the Adam West batman characters

Hi Khristopher, welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine!

Let’s start by introducing your project: who is Dark Knight Ent and where are you based?

My real name is Khristopher Rice, I got the name Dark Knight Ent from my love and fanfare of batman.

I’m a huge fan of the Micheal Keaton, Christian Bale, and the Adam West batman characters (in that order).

I am based in St. Louis.

Born on the south side and moved to Miami when little then back to St. Louis as I became a teenager.

dark knight portrait



How was your 2019 so far?

My 2019 has been great newly married and been enjoying family time, but now it’s back to work.

I have been working out, playing basketball and looking for a fresh new studio to work with.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

The most recent exciting thing would be my marriage.

To be married is an awesome feeling.

dark knight with blue shirt and crux


Where do you get inspiration and how do you create your music?

My inspiration comes from my family and things I been through and also the things I’m going through.

The creation of my music could take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the mood, topic, and emotions behind the content.

Who are your favourite artists in your local scene and how did they influence your style & sound?

Not too many artists in St. Louis I listen to.

Amongst my favourite artist includes Drake, The Weeknd, Quavo, 2 Chainz, Kevin Gates, Da Baby, and Moneybagg Yo.

They hold great influence on my music.

A couple of songs have been inspired and created using some Drake influence.


What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

I saw Travis Scott documentary.

It had some scenes from the AstroWorld tour.

So I went back and watched his concert and was really pleased with his show.

He is a great performer.

What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

My worst memory on the road happened when I was book to perform and my brother was supposed to perform with me and left me high and dry to perform by myself.

I still had a good show but I’m pretty sure it would’ve been better if he was there.

What do you think about Livetrigger?

I love the LiveTrigger platform and the message system.

I like how you can search for shows in your areas and message the vendor or producers for more info.

This is a great more to connect and network with locals and Nationwide shows.