A Permanent Shadow launched the new single “Beautiful People”

Hi A Permanent Shadow and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique...

Hi A Permanent Shadow and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and where is it based?

A Permanent Shadow

A Permanent Shadow

We are based in Barcelona, Spain. A Permanent Shadow is unique in that it’s not really a band but rather an amorphous monster with a revolving-door policy where people come and go and give their best, even though it might be just for five minutes.

How was your 2021 so far?

It’s been good for us. We released two singles and they got great feedback, and we’re gearing up for the release of our second album while preparing the recording of a covers EP. Idle we are not.

Tell our readers more about your new album release. Are you excited?

Very excited, although the album was recorded way back in 2020. I went to see a clairvoyant in late 2020 and she advised me not to release any music in the first half of 2021, so we held back until September with the release of our new single “Shining Star”.

And what about the video?

For the second single from the new album, I used a very simple animation program called Doodly as opposed to the usual collaboration with director Dani Moreno. It took me about an hour to get it done, and I initially was fairly reticent to use it as the official video, but I showed the result to a couple of people whose opinion I appreciate and they liked it, so there.

Where do you get inspiration and how do you create your music?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. The newspapers, TV, books, conversations, events. Anything can ignite the imagination. I usually come up with a set of lyrics first, and then I create a rhythm track and a basic melody. My two producer friends who are “real” musicians help me flesh out my embryonic song ideas.

Who are your favorite artists in your local scene, and what do they have in common?

Hmm, I’m honestly not too involved in the local scene here in Barcelona, although I do like Love of Lesbian and Hola Chica whose drummer David has collaborated with us on occasions. On a national level, there are a couple of bands I’ve really liked for years, such as Amaral from Zaragoza. What they all have in common are great arrangements and excellent production. And good songs, of course, first and foremost.

How did they influence your style & sound?

I don’t think any local artists have had a huge influence on the sound of A Permanent Shadow. Our main influences are David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, sorry, local bands!

In your opinion, what is the connection between music and creativity?

Music is a vehicle of expression. If you have something you’d like to tell to the world, then music is the way to go. Obviously, if you are not creative you can be a good musician, but more in a craftsman fashion, while you can be a mediocre musician technically but a great songwriter and creator. The urge to create, to communicate and ultimately to receive recognition will lead you down the creative path in my opinion.

 Are you happy about what’s happening in your life as a musician?

I am mostly happy, yes. I like the creative process, what I don’t like so much is the hassle of promotion. But as I said before, as a musician you want to be heard and recognized, so there’s no way around the promo treadmill.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

We launched the single “Beautiful People” a couple of weeks ago and only good things have happened ever since. Lots of airplay, nice reviews, lots of playlisting. We couldn’t have asked for more.

What about your next gigs. Are you planning a tour?

We would love to tour, but for the time being, there are no plans yet. We’ll see how the album fares once it comes out in March. I hope we can pull it off and tour extensively.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

I saw The Godfathers last week, and they blew me away. I’ve been a fan for many years and have seen many line-up changes, but they always deliver.

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