ALISON MARAE: vocal jazz dipped in folk from California

Alison Marae is a California girl planning first tour to Europe, seeking venues, promoters and bands on LiveTrigger that can make her play

Hi. Tell us your story in 3 sentences.
My music is rooted from early 20th century jazz, blues and folk. My voice and songs have a old soul, melancholy vibe. I’m a late bloomer as a songwriter and even though I grew up with music throughout my childhood, music didn’t enter my mind as career until after my first career in dance was coming to a close (along with some major life events).

What is your “home ground” area? Tell us something about it
I’m from Southern California, but my music doesn’t necessarily reflect that. San Diego has a very laid back vibe and the weather is always beautiful.

Tell us something about your debut album
My debut album “My Heart Can’t Take It” was nominated for a San Diego Music Award. It’s an acoustic mix of jazz vocal originals and a few torch songs from the 1930’s.

What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about it
I like to see local musician, Gregory Page. He always inspires and has a similar musical style to me. He is one of the reasons I started writing music. For singer-songwriters, the best intimate listening venues here are at Java Joe’s and Lestat’s. These are the places I enjoy because they are alcohol free and people go to hear the music. As far as bars with live music I like the Soda Bar and The Casbah.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
I get most of my inspiration from torch singers and songwriters from yesteryear.

Any favourite artists?
Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday

What’s the last live music show you’ve seen?
I went to the San Diego Music Awards (my album got nominated!) at Humphey’s by the Bay. I also got to perform at the San Diego Music Thing and really enjoyed the music festival. They brought in a lot of music from outside the area so it was nice to be able to have all this great music in my own neighborhood.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
The Beatles! I got my mom’s copy of Sgt. Pepper in high school and really fell in love with the music.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road:
I went on my first music tour to Hawaii (Honolulu). It was a great experience but we didn’t make any money. Made some new friends and memories though.

Did you plan to have a tour in the next future? Tell us something about it
I’m in the beginning stages of planning a mini tour to France and Spain for late May/early April 2015. Would love to connect with like minded musicians in those areas for shared shows. Looking for festivals (acoustic folk, jazz, swing and ukulele) and small venues. I’m traveling with my guitarist boyfriend, Wil Forbis. We have a duo called Birdy and the Bow Tie.

What do you think about LiveTrigger?
I’m excited to use LiveTrigger! I want to put together my first tour to Europe and am hoping to gigswap with local musicians and hopefully hook up with some venues on the site.