BAT SIGNAL say yes to drinking, but say no to drink driving

Bat Signal is the Thessaloniki symbol of punk rock style, that means explosive music, creativity and selfdestruction

Hi. Tell us something about Bat Signal project and its creepy name.
Bat Signal is a band that expresses the explosive feelings that rush through your veins during a Saturday night from a contemplative point of view, but always under the electric eyes of the dim lit urban skyline.

Tell us something about your last musical production.

It was an E.P. on cassette format called “DANGERNIGHTS”. We’ve sold out our copies…

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Classic punk rock that combines aggression with romance and creativity with selfdestruction.

On you define yourself as a punk rock band. What does it mean to be a punk rock band today?

It’s just a common denominator for people to get a general idea of our musical style and attitude. We’re not really into the whole “punkier than thou” mindset, i.e. judging who is or isn’t punk. We couldn’t care less if someone says “that’s not very punk” for us, cause we don’t define ourselves as anything in particular as individuals, let alone a musical style. It’s just a wide circle of friends and acquaintances enjoying this style of music, collaborating with each other, sharing some principles and ideas. Respect should be the first and foremost (and only) rule, I think. Digging deeper than that means you’re searching answers for the wrong questions, in the wrong place, thus labeling and dividing. Anyway, it’s all been said and done before, blown well out of proportion, so let’s just say that it just means what YOU think it means.

How is being a band from Thessaloniki? Tell us something about Greek musical movement?

Being a band in Thessaloniki has its ups and downs, but mostly we could say that it’s a benefit. There’s a newborn interest in this type of music during the last, say, five years, because of the rise of a particular local distinguishable punk rock style, with three or four bands achieving nationwide popularity. On the other hand I wouldn’t consider us part of this local sub-genre, since it involves singing in Greek lyrics, which is a big no-no for us. Nevertheless, the fact that people are drawn to this musical style in the first place gives this whole new audience a chance to be introduced in bands like us so I guess it’s a good thing for everyone. On a national level, the general Greek movement is mainly focused on Stoner Rock right now, as some Greek bands have made quite an impact all over Europe, but we have little to do with that scene or audience. When it comes to touring, Greece is kind of isolated from central Europe so you have to pass through the Balkans, even when you’re not touring a Balkan country, but with the help of the internet, arrangements, bookings etc can be achieved if you put enough effort in it.

What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about it.

After a certain amount of cheap wine they’re all amazing.

Are you touring right now? Do you plan to have a tour in the near future? Tell us something about it.

As soon as we finish recording and producing our first full length album we’re gonna do a hell of touring. Right now we’re just doing dates in Greece.

What do you think of Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?

We’re definitely gonna use it in the future, so I hope it makes the whole process of booking a tour a lot easier (cause it’s so much trouble) . We will evaluate its effectiveness after that and we’ll let you know!