Bee Appleseed just released “Serenity Infinity!” a dream within a dream!

“Serenity Infinity! is a dream within a dream. Originally released in May of 2012 after a West Coast USA tour...

“Serenity Infinity! is a dream within a dream.

Originally released in May of 2012 after a West Coast USA tour down to Southern California and back to school at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, this album was conceived by the freedom of getting out of one’s own head and immediate surroundings – something we’re all waiting to do once this global house arrest is over.

I like to think of this album like an impressionist painting. Most of these recordings were made in less than two hours with mixing included and the entire album took me no more than forty hours to create.

I did this in hopes of allowing the listener to feel the spontaneity in which the recordings were made and the beauty that lies in those temporary moments as well as the resulting feelings of bliss I attempted to recreate here in song form.

While many of the songs on this album were years old with alternative versions of some having already been recorded at the time I decided to add them here, I felt they were all necessary compliments to the endless possibilities and perspectives of life.

Flash forward to 2020 and the album has finally been mastered for the first time by Andrew Endres at AEIOU Studios to bring out the highest quality of these lofi home recordings with fresh new artwork by Brett Olivieri, both of Portland, Oregon.

This album was the dream I was living that exists again whenever played, for as long as our memories will serve us, and I would like to share it with you.”

Bee Appleseed is a 21st Century freedom seeker from Portland, Oregon, living in Los Angeles, California. He’s a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, poet, actor, and seasoned vagabond with a treasure trove of home recordings predating his July 2018 studio debut Backpacker Blues, which he wrote during a three year period of traveling and performing self-organized concerts across nearly fifty countries in Europe and South America.

He runs the label Godyssey Music with Los Angeles legend Nora Keyes with whom he also has an improvised psych folk band called Elf Freedom. His most recent album titled “Starflower’s Cosmic Soul” came out in February 2020 on Baby Robot Records and is a rock and roll odyssey featuring a backing band of more than fifteen people. The sound he creates can be described as psychedelic rock and roll with roots in American freak folk music and his shows take audiences to great heights and depths, usually improvised making no concert ever the same. Bee is a lighthearted entertainer with a golden love for the road and all those open to sharing the journey.