BlackMarket is rock music mixed with electronic flavors

BlackMarket is a rock experimental project from Watford (UK), ready to release their tangy new single “Lights Out” on the...

BlackMarket is a rock experimental project from Watford (UK), ready to release their tangy new single “Lights Out” on the 5th of September


Hi BlackMarket, welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine!

Let’s start by introducing your project: who are BlackMarket and where are they based?

BlackMarket is a unique 6-piece electronic rock band from Watford (UK).

blackmarket singer singing on top of the stage


How was your 2019 so far?


We’ve had gigs and festivals across the country keeping us busy all year so far and much more to come.


I know you have a show and a new single release coming very soon, congratulations! Are you excited?

Yes, very excited, our new single “Lights Out” will be released on the 1st of September.

We are putting on a big show at West Herts Sports Club on November 1st, celebrating Halloween with a BlackMarket bang!


Where did you get inspiration for your music?

Our inspiration comes from your day to day life, everything from watching the news or just going to gigs.

A lot of our music is written with a purpose and a message, you see a lot when you switch on the TV that can’t be ignored.

blackmarket 5 piece band on the stage


How do you create music?

Danny and Cary, our lead guitarist and synth are two brothers and they spend a lot of time building our songs from the ground up, making a rough model of how the song should sound and laying a lot of our tracks down in our bedroom studio.


Who are your favourite artists and how did they influence your style & sound?

Our music influences vary from legends like Guns and Roses, Motley Crue and Rage Against The Machine, but also in modern music we take huge inspiration from people like Enter Shikari.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

We recently saw Enter Shikari on their tour, never disappointed, but created an incredible light show and played some of their best music in our opinion.


What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

Recently we travelled all the way to a festival we were playing in Nottingham.

When we got there, the winds snapped our tents and it was pouring with rain.

We went through about half an hour of trying to put the tent up before we found out the show was cancelled.

One of the best memories we have was from the previous year of that festival, 3 days of camping with the band and other musicians, seemed like it was exactly what music was intended to be.


What do you think about Livetrigger?

Livetrigger is great, so much opportunity waiting to be picked up by bands and organisers, the industry needs things like Livetrigger to keep local music venues booming and local bands sharing their music.

blackmarket drummer raising his hand while he's playing