Boogie Spiders, creepy motown rock’n’roll

Boogie Spiders is a punky trio in a love-cult with rock’n’roll music and they're always looking for the next venue stage to sweat their filthy sound all over your body

Hi. Can you please introduce the Boogie Spiders project to our readers?

Piece of Cake! It was a cold night in 2009, while we were having a beer meeting and decided to set up a power trio to play live shows. After 3 rehearsals we had 12 songs and started to play live. Our sound is influenced by the weirdest Detroit sound and our idea was to hit the road and play anywhere. And we did it! We are basically a live band, as you can get by listening to our LP’s: dirty sound and sweat, no editing and no Autotune. Just three guys in love with rock’n’roll music looking for venues. After 5 years Fabrizio decided to leave the band and we hired Silvia, who gave us a bit of punkish sound and a great voice. She learned how practice our way to live the music and after 1 year we came back in studio for the new album.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Sit down and relax, it’s gonna be long though!!! What can I say? Stefano is a kind of a Wikipedia and has a huge discography, he was a metalhead converted to Hardcore punk, but he’s also fond of garage. I’m really confused aboout it: my first loves were Duane Eddy and Mr. Ray Charles, then I came through Iggy Pop and The Stooges and everything changed. My attitude was a combination between pure noisy white trash rock’n’roll and Motown sound, I can’t help myself in avoiding to keep the rythm.

Tell us something about your super fresh new album ””PEOPLE AND OTHER MONSTERS”!

It was pretty hard to get this album done. Silvia was 8th month pregnant when we started to record the instruments, and we could have no more than three hours session before she was exhausted. We decided to rent a rehearsal room and to record the album completely by ourselves. I used two Zoom R24, a couple of pre-amps, some nice mics and we recorded all the 11 tracks performing live. Then we recorded the vocals tracks at KM33 studio in Trezzo d’Adda with Francesco Altare, and mastered all the tracks at Saffmastering in Chicago, by Mr. Carl Saff himself. Great man and a really professional guy, we made a deal in two hours, while we are still waiting a couple of italian studios for a reply.

What to say about the album? As you said it’s fresh, somehow a teenage collection of songs. There’s love, sex, depression, a bit of rage and a lot of stupid funny craps, but there’s also an “adult” song: the one I wrote to our little daughter Rosa, that talks about the fear I feel about myself being a good dad. It’s like born a second time, the only thing I could remember was my deep darkest shadow, and my very hope is not to let her touch this creepy side of his father. By the way the record sounds great, though!!! We are always the same band, a punkish trio playing good rock’n’roll. It might be sound strange, but we didn’t have any trouble by changing bass player, Silvia joined the band and gave us a bit more dynamics and attitude, and she wrote three great songs and sung a tremendous version of Etta James “Something’s Gotta Hold On Me” for this album. Awesome.
A couple of words are needed to worship the Album’s cover, drawn by our friend and great illustrator Matthew Strong. He sent the file just few hours before the printings, but we all have been shocked of this amazing drawing, reminding of an old american horror comics. Just perfect.

What about your next shows?

We had quite a good amount of shows in the next months. We’re playing at ReaggeRock Festival in Bussero, then a couple of Summer gigs around here, and we have already booked few venues in Autumn. Check our page and you’ll find all information!!! Meanwhile we’re planning to go back in studio for a total live session and we might release an E.P. or something. Will see…

What do you think about the European independent music scene today?

Love it, it’s plenty of great bands. We’ve toured on France and met a couple of great bands, such as Sonic Angels and , Germany is always massive! I think it’s growing and alive, yet you can find great bands all over, from Holland to Greece, but what really surprised us is that italian bands are ruling Europe, though. I’m not joking, if you tour clubs three bands on four are italian, and all of them superb ones. See what’s going on, Giuda, Svetlanas, Creampie, Sothiac, the same old story. Touring the world as a rockstar and outcast fellows in your mothercountry.

What’s the coolest live act in Milan?

Dunno. Clubs come and go, in town we’ve never had a real club for live music apart from Rolling Stone, but at the same time we have a lot of Pubs and Live clubs up to the hinterland. Still there are great venues like Bloom, Honky Tonky, Arci Area (a professional sound technician works there), and downtown there are nice venues to go play or see shows too.. We just lost one of the best clubs, Lo-Fi, but some other will rise. It’s a hard time for sure, basically because musicians don’t go to see live shows, so the scene can’t grow up, but everybody needs music, that’s why I’m pretty optimistic. In the last few months, since we presented our new Album, I’ve seen many more people downstage than I expected, and we had great shows as we played in Berlin with people shouting and dancing. I think it’s because we all need to come back to live clubs and have real fun, I mean not App store fun, but sweaty fun.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

It was at the Communist Party Fest very close to my flat, a great band of friends of mine called “Le Muffe” were playing there with a British Band, RFC Chicken. They played an amazing show in front of seven people, playing each tune as it was the last one at their last show. They play pure 60’s freak beat, and what a sound!!!! After a while, we jumped up on stage and freak out all the time. They told us they had much more fun than they day before at the Festival Beat in Salsomaggiore.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

What happens in the back stage remains into the backstage, hahahaha!!!! Just jocking, luckily we don’t really have bad memories, I mean life on the road is what we play for. Certainly we had some bad moments, but let me think about it.. Yes, I have one to tell you! We were touring in the South of Italy and our van broke the automatic selecter, so we drove like 700km at 3rd gear. Scary!!!!!!  The best moment we’ve ever had was at our very beginning, we were the opening act for Mr. Andrè Williams, nobody knows him but everyone has one of his songs in a Cd or Vynil. As we ended the show we went into the backstage, and Mister Williams was reading the tracklist that bands used to stick on the wall, I was really shaky. I said: “ Mr Williams…” He turned back with a big smile.“ You’re one of my miths”. He laughed out loud, he holded me as a grandfather and replied: “I heard you play guys, It was amazing!!! Just the last song you played worth it. Now just go to the club owner and tell him – GIVE US THAT PACK OF MONEY – you deserve it!” and he laughed.
During his show he claimed us and asked us to jump on the van and join them on tour. We were thrilled and supercharged. I remember that moment every time it’s time to go on the stage.

What do you think of

It’s a great idea. I think not everyone understood what it could become. I was talking about the need we all have of a service like does several years ago, and it’s exactly what we dreamt about. The problem is that sometimes it is not easy to use and I noticed that it works if all of us act in a professional mood, otherwise it could be useless. In any case it’s a great occasion to help the music scene to grow up.