Carnero, pure brutal hardcore

Carnero's music is fast and violent hardcore, a mathematical crust metal bloodbath with a punk attitude

Hi guys. Welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine.

Can you please introduce the Carnero project to our readers?

Carnero is definitely a punk band.

We mix math-rock, crust, metal and hardcore but we are definitely a punk band for what concerns attitude, ideals and social involvement.


Tell us something about your new album “Assalto”!

Assalto” is the outcome of our first year as a stable band, it’s a really straight forward, angry and pissed off record.

We didn’t really change our style from the EP, we just expanded the focus a bit, mainly including some more rock’n’roll/stoner-ish vibes here and there, but it’s just as straight forward and angry as it gets.

How do you compose, where do you get inspiration for your music and which artists have influenced your style & sound if any?

The four of us come from very different musical backgrounds, being from different generations. Enrico is an old school punk that loves metal, Damiano is more into NOFX, Offspring and that kind of punk rock, whereas both me and Marco are into brutal hardcore weirder, noisy, post-whatever stuff.

I think this mixes up really well in the rehearsal room, we all contribute to the songwriting and have different perspectives, there is no such thing as the main songwriter in Carnero. We just lock ourselves in a small and ridiculously hot (or freezing cold, depending on the season) room until the songs come together, haha.


What does it mean to be a hardcore band today?

That’s not an easy question actually. I think a hardcore punk band has to be honest and brutal in every possible way.

This includes that sometimes we make people feel uncomfortable, and that’s fine. We aren’t here to be reassuring.

I feel like punk is suffering a growing sort of gentrification process, I hope you get what I mean.

Punk should be dangerous and unsettling.

Fuck that stuff.


What about the European hardcore scene today, in your opinion?

I’m sure there are a lot of cool bands, I know some, but they’re too many to list really.

I’d end up leaving too many of them behind.

Anyway, some really awesome bands (both musically and personally) I met on tour in the past years have been Potence, Nesseria and Orphan.


Tell us something about the ”Assalto” tour!

We actually toured with our close friends Viscera/// in April to support Assalto.

We’ll probably play another handful of shows both in Italy and Europe to promote it a little more before we release new stuff, which by the way we’ve been writing for a couple of months now.

What’s the coolest live act in your city?

It’s hard to point out one because there aren’t many active bands from Forlì now, and members of Carnero make up at least 3 or 4 bands from our area haha.

In my opinion, Raein is one of the coolest bands that ever came out of our city.


What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

We recently played with Cripple Bastards in Parma and they totally blew me away.


Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Well we got stuck in the middle of nowhere in Belgium during our first tour with Carnero, it was December and it was midnight – so you get the idea of how fucking freezing it was. We were supposed to get into a bungalow we had already paid for to sleep in before leaving for Italy.

Long story short nobody was at the reception and they didn’t leave the keys in the designated safe.

Our car shut off because of the temperature and we had to push it.

It started working again and we left for Italy while filing a claim to get our money back (which eventually worked, but we ended up driving for 32 hours straight to Italy).

As far as pleasant memories, there are far too many.


What do you think about LiveTrigger?

I Personally think that LiveTrigger can be an incredible way of developing DIY tour planning if more people start using it.

I hope more and more promoters and bands get into it.

Keep it up, guys!