CIBO is stupid music for smart people

Cibo is the Italian word for "food": mix a tablespoon of grindbrutal, hardcore and rock'n'roll and the outcome is this incredible band from Turin, a fast and crazy rock project out now with their new album "Capolavoro"

Hi Guys. Can you please introduce the CIBO project to our readers?

A big hug to the LiveTigger community. Cibo is the italian word for “food”. We know that it might sound a little idiot but well, it’s exactly the reaction we were looking for. We love to take music no too seriously, because we seriously love it and we seriosly believe in the power of DIY. Being independent and have fun playing the music we want are the reasons that move us, and so we do what we want to do: smart music for silly people, silly music for smart people.

Your music is very fast and powerful with amazing lyrics in Italian! You are a really strange mixture of different genres! How do you compose and where did you get inspiration for your music?

We are all musically grown up in Turin, and we all love the so call “torino hardcore”, fast and furious band like Crunch and Arturo which mix the classic tupatupa with rock’n’roll riff. We were young and we wanted to go FASTER AND MORE FASTER and make much noise, but now years are passed and we have put in our backpack new influence (Melvins, Kyuss, Mastondon, a tablespoon of grind\brutal and a lot, really a lot of trash and demential italian music). We take ispiration from our day-to-day lives and from our childhood, but we also like to talk about animals (dogs in particular) and obviously food. Furthermore, we touch other important issues, like the air loss in the early 30’s, lame parties, greek mitology and homosexual relationships between vikings. cibo

Tell us something about your super fresh new album ”CAPOLAVORO”!

It has been recorded one year ago by Maurizio Borgna, mixed by Maurizio between Turin and Berlin and mastered in California: an international dish! We really put a lot in this LP, the first we release in 12” vinyl format. We tried to return to a more powerful and hardcore sound compared to the previous one, incredibile. But we didn’t forget the lessons learned within the years and we had included 3-voices choirs and slip-soaker melodies. The title Capolavoro means Masterpiece, because we wanted to do a majestic artwork with peacock-themed graphics, colorful and psichedelic. And this is our masterpiece, in a certain way. We released the cd under INRI label which provided us a press office and the distribuition, and 5 other small label helped us to release the 12” LP. cibo

Have you already organized a tour for the new album release? Tell us something about your next shows!

We presented the last album few weeks ago in Turin and we are going to play few shows the next March in the North of Italy. We would like to play the next May in the Center and South of Italy and play in outdoor festivals this summer! Anyway generally speaking we are looking for gigs cause we have a terrible hunger for the stage at the moment, after a almost-one-year-stop. We have no help from any booking agency and we are trying to do all by ourselves, as many other bands… but it’s not easy! That’s the reason why there’s a need of a platform like Livetriggercibo

What do you think about the Italian/European independent music scene today?

It’s amazing how many active bands play, travel and release albums in this years. There are so many little label all around Europe and for our experience the DIY ethics is alive and it can really help the people who love the music, every kind of music. In italy it’s a little bit different, maybe because we have a more “provincial” mentality in booking gigs and release albums. Most of the local clubs prefer cover band cause the people drink and pay, but there are an intricate network of small label, small boking agency and people who work hard to help the band and help each other. Label like INRI, Dischi Bervisti, Vollmer Industries, Bittenbytherest and Scatti Vorticosi who hepled us to release “Capolavoro”, and so on with Onga Bonga Boring Machine, Sonatine Produzioni, Rancore, Shove Records, Heavy Psych Sounds, Tanato Records, Escape from Today and so on…

What’s the coolest live act in your city?

I’ll go with the Blah Blah, a club located in Turin city centre. It’s a former movie house turned in a small concert hall. They offer a lot, A LOT of music every week, from garage to hardcore, from glam rock to power pop, from stoner to new wave and the people who run it are lovely and long time friends. Definetly a place to visit in Turin. cibo

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

In few days we will see Big Business + Whores live and I think it will be a real IN THE FACE show. A few months ago I really enjoyed the BOLOGNA VIOLENTA show, they are a guitarist and a drummer that play grindish powerviolence projecting a documentary on the back wall of the stage in the mean time with Banda della Magliana immages, an Italian criminal organization that did a lot of mess in the late seventies.
I would like to cite also KOMPA, a drummer who plays his drumset connected to a series of sensor and trigger, and controls samples and notes while he’s playing drum. It also control the lights. It’s wonderful. cibo

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Well, only ONE best memory to cite is hard to pick, but I will go with that time when we was in a 4 day tour to Rome and our drummer Marco stick a red gummy bear to the car window, to see how long it would be attached to the glass. Well, it lasts 3 days.
The worst thing I can remember is when one of our car tires kind of explode on the higway to Milan, and we did not have the spare wheel. We had to wait for like 2 hours on a lay bay in the middle of nowhere (in Italy you can’t go out of the higway) for the singer’s father who brought us the wheel. That was pretty bad. cibo

What do you think of

It’s a great project, a unique way to create a network between musicians and the people who books shows and its far more simple and friendly that searching random contact on Facebook or ask around to random people that books random shows. It’s very helpful for bands like us, which don’t have / don’t want a booking agency or someone out of the band that do that kind of things. Thanks to Abbo and LiveTrigger for giving us the opportunity to talk about ourselves, the music in Turin, the dogs and the vikings in love.cibo cibo cibo