The Cielo Pordomingo summer European tour

Emmy winning artist Cielo Pordomingo and her band are hitting the Mexican festival circuit to present her second album "Fugaline" and realize their first summer European tour!

Hi Cielo Pordomingo. Thanks for this second interview, it’s a real pleasure to have you here again after two years. Tell us what happened to your music career and to your music during this time!

C: It has been crazy and amazing! I put together a fabulous band with great musicians and friends who accompany me in the live concerts, creating a very energetic atmosphere on stage. I have had the fortune to play in several festivals and continue traveling through cities of Mexico and Argentina presenting my second album “FUGALINE”. During this time, I had the fortune to participate in a TV show for kids called “Attention, Attention” and we were awarded with an Emmy prize. Also I had a great joy to participate in the International Songwriting Competition reaching the semifinals in 4 categories with 3 of my “Fugaline” songs and the video of “Play With Me”; and the song “Labyrinth” has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Instrumental category!

You were so lovely to send me your two albums by mail from Argentina to Milan, Italy! Thank you to be so careful! I think it’s a really nice gesture, especially today when nobody use to send their album via mail! So I had the pleasure to listen to a physical copy of your album “Fugaline“. Do you want to tell us something about it, please?

C: That’s great! It seems to me that there is no better way to enjoy the music than in its original format, and in the order in which they were planned to discover them. And also discover a bit of the heart in the design of the album art!
For me this album is a more intimate version of me. Each song is a strong feeling that is projected into a story.

Where do you get inspiration for your music?

C: In the things that happen around me, in the vortex that we live these times of so much change, of so much madness, of so much diversity. I do not do politics in my networks or anything like that, but I write songs about what I think. That is to say, I am not one of those who write in the social networks on the economic or political situation, but all my ideas I express them in my songs through the metaphor.

I know you are planning the European tour this summer. Tell us something about it! Are you still looking for shows?

C: Yes, it will be a big surprise, we are still planning the agenda, I hope very soon to announce the dates. It would be a great pleasure to be invited to play in Italy!!

What about your next shows?

C: We continue the tour with the band through several cities in Mexico, in festivals and venues before going to Europe.

What do you think about the South American independent music scene today?

C: It is growing a lot, constantly new bands and solo projects arise with a variety of styles.

I know you are touring a lot! Is it harder for you to book shows because of your gender? Is it dangerous sometimes?

C: It is a challenge to open the way with a gender like this. There are always doors that open. Good relationship with everyone and constant work helps.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

C: The worst thing that happened to me is getting to a stage, setting up, doing soundcheck and not being able to play because of bad weather conditions.

And the best thing is when everything is flowing, when there is a good audio equipment, a good team of people, the public is close, receptive, affectionate and I am able to sing, to connect and perceive that feeling back and forth with those who listen.

We have renewed completely our website! What do you think of today?

C: It is fantastic the network that is achieved between artists and venues. Alternatives like yours are essential for all musicians who work independently.