CROSBY TYLER – THE ONE MAN TUB-THUMPIN’ BAND: a one man band playing a genuine blues like the old days… always on tour

CROSBY TYLER-THE ONE MAN TUB-THUMPIN' BAND: playing his own bass, drum, guitar and singing at the same time, performs story-telling songs of prisons, drunks, trains, outlaws and black sheeps of life

Hi Crosby Tyler. Can you introduce your musical project to us and our readers?
Crosby Tyler-The One Man Tub-Thumpin’ Band….. I am an one man band playing bass drum, guitar and singing at the same time……..

Where did you get inspiration for your music? Tell us about your last music release.
My inspiration usually comes from my interactions and experiences in life…. I also have been inspired by old American Blues like Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Blind Willie Johnson……….

On you define your genre: “Blues and Alt Country/Outlaw/”. Can you help us and our readers understand a bit more what does it mean?
Basically I’m a songwriter with story-telling songs and no doubt the music and lyrics seem to represent mostly prisons, drunks, trains, outlaws, and the black sheep of life. And musically I keep it simple with blues and country chords and mix in slide and some pickin and grunge it thru a blues deluxe.

What does it mean to be a blues musician today?
Well, it’s different now because the real blues came from the plantations and the ghettos of the day….. But there are no more plantations and the ghettos of America are producing rap music and not the blues. So there are very few genuine blues artists like the old days. Lot’s of mesmerizing, super technique shredder guitar players but as far as original sounding far and few between.

What’s the best live act in your area? How is it “being a band from Fairfax, CA”? Tell us something about it.
The best live act that I enjoyed most from Fairfax is a band called Chrome Johnson. They are a powerhouse alt country act. Fairfax as well as Marin County has a high reputation for the quality of musicians here….. San Rafael which is 5 minutes from me was the home of the Grateful Dead……. This area is still highly influenced from the Grateful Dead and very fruitful in jam band styles as well as everything else.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any…….
Hasil Adkins, David Allan Cole, Reverand Louis Overstreet, Blind Willie Johnson, Willie Dixon, John Prine

Are you touring right now? Do you plan to have a tour in the next future?
I’m always touring……. Yes……..

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.
The best memory is playing in Newcastle England and opening for T-Model Ford…….
It was an old theatre and sold out…… It was a great show.
Worst memory was almost colliding with a train at 3am in Medford Oregon ……….

What do you think of Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?
Well I started to use it because booking is always a hassle especially overseas where you’d like someone there who knows the venues and has some media connections.
It still needs to grow and maybe change a little bit……..I think you really need active passionate people who are professional minded and know what they’re doing and reply quickly…….. I also think that the promoters and venues should connect into circuits so a foreign artist could go to one source instead of so many separate venues and promoters, etc. It’s a good tool but I still felt frustrated in being able to put a tour together the way I have in the past.