Fusa Records, a brazilian DIY label story

Alex founded Fusa Records 12 years ago in São Paulo to support his own bands: now he's one of the coolest independent promoters in South America!

Hi Alex. Tell our readers something about your record label/agency Fusa Records.

Hi mate, thank you for taking this time with me. Fusa Records was born in São Paulo/Brazil in 2005 because I had a band called Kacttus and no one was interested to book or invite them to play. I started Fusa to book my own band and I discovered so many good bands asking for release their stuff. So I decided to release a compilation called “Underground Voices”. Since it I started to book concerts/my band and a small distro. Now, after 12 years it’s a natural process make more stuffs and more people know about your work.

What kind of band do you usually work with?

Usually hardcore // punk bands because I grew up in this scene. But is not a rule to follow. I like to work in cooperation with all the good bands I found in a concert or a link on internet. Of course, we don’t agree with racists/homophobian/sexists/nazi bands.

When you get in touch with a band for the first time, which are the criteria that drive your decision to book them or not?

Usually new bands comes to me and send their stuffs to check. Of course the first one is their music. Whatever the genre they play, must to sounds good. Second one but not at least, they must like to work hard. When you book or release some band it’s only the first step for a long journey. We have to follow in the same direction and know it’s take a long time!

Tell us something about the three best bands you have worked with… one sentence each!

Sorry, but I worked with more than only 3 awesome bands… Adolescents, GBH, Voivod, Baby Lou, Nitrominds, Radio Havanna, Criminal Collection, Empty Hall of Fame, Antillectual, Never Too Late, Lamarca, Statues on Fire. Im happy to work with bands I liked before know them and I loved after know them.

Being a promoter in Sao Paolo is an easy or a hard job?

1000%. We are in a country where the most popular music is Samba (I don’t like it). We have a lot of good bands playing rock, but they deserve more audience than usually they got. But they’re still here, spread their music/love.

What’s the coolest live act in your city?

Hangar 110 in São Paulo for sure, but is gonna be closed at December/17, after almost 19 years. Sad, but there are new live acts growing up and support the scene like Jai Club, Centro Cultural Zapata, Morfeus Club, Rising Power Estudios, Lado B, 74 Club.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Never too late, the guys I relesead their new album called “No Return”

So, I play in a band, I’m booking a tour and I’d like to play in your venue. Give me your three most important recommendations.

Let’s go, here they are:

If want to play a tour in Brazil you’re welcome, but is not like Europe (concerts everyday) but we gonna try to do our best. We don’t charging any money from your pocket, it’s totally D.I.Y, but we have to take time to plan it, we have to like you and we have to like your band to do it.
You can send email with your links, I check my emails more than I see my family: fusarecords@gmail.com

What do you think about LiveTrigger?

A good conection to spread your music to whole world without a big label or agency. We have to support it!!