Get Up and sweat with Mount Holly

Mount Holly is soul music made with dirty deep passionate love: listen to their newly released single "Get Up" and get your ass to their next show!

Hi Jameson. Can you please introduce the Mount Holly project to our readers?

Hello everybody, Jameson here. I sing in Mount Holly – we’re an alternative rock band from Southern California. We joined forces in 2015 with a common interest in making passionate music: music that makes you want to sweat, want to move, want to live more dangerously. Coming soon to a township near you.

Mount Holly’s first single “Get Up” is set to be released worldwide May 9th, 2017 along with an official music video. We have seen the video preview and we think it’s really cool! What’s the concept behind the video?

The concept behind the video first of all was to show us doing what we do best – performing together. We really wanted to shoot something that gave a bit of the energetic impression that you would get if you saw us live and close-up. That led us to shoot a video from the perspective of just one camera, just one ‘’viewer’’ so to speak, seeing us from every angle, moving around and within the band, so that the viewer gets the impression they are right there with us and feeling the music and the show in an intimate way. We hope everyone enjoys it.

Tell us something about Mount Holly’s full length debut album “Stride By Stride”.

We formed the band in late summer 2015, wrote the album in a month, and recorded it the next month. We gave ourselves no time to second-guess anything, we just wrote our first instincts and then refined them a bit in the studio with our producer, Noah Shain. We camped out in Noah’s studio in downtown Los Angeles for that month, tracking mostly live to 2-inch tape, capturing the energy of the band in one room playing together, and adding layers of sound and voices where it felt right. It was a great experience and feels like a great debut and representation of where we’re at now as a band.

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?

We all operate from a very instinctual place when we’re writing and creating. Someone in the band brings an idea to the table – a guitar line, a melody, a groove – and we feed off of it and see where it takes us. Generally the best songs come quickly and without thought or hesitation, without time for the mind to get in the way. Beyond that Noah works with us to really put a magnifying glass up to each and every part to examine and improve it until we’re all satisfied.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Too many to list, my friend! Within the band we have a very wide range of interests and influences: from psychadellic rock from the 60’s to modern pop music, from blues of all eras to 80’s art rock. Our common ground and where we find our common inspiration is in great songwriting and music that’s got SOUL and passion. No boundaries otherwise.

What about your next shows?

We’re due to start touring heavily in the US this year to support our record: official list of dates coming soon! We’ve had the chance to play in the UK as well recently and can’t wait to get back there and all through Europe as well, with any luck very soon.

What do you think about the North American indie scene today?

There’s a lot of great music out there. We as a band haven’t really managed to fit into a ‘’scene’’ of any kind, but we do know that everywhere we go there are people hungry for authentic and sweaty music. That never goes away.

What’s the coolest live act in Los Angeles?

Mount Holly, but of course!

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but I saw Peter Gabriel and Sting share the Hollywood Bowl stage one night last summer and I still haven’t recovered, emotionally. Just too good. Really inspiring to see those guys still singing their asses off, and to hear the amount of fantastic songs they have between them. I’m a big fan of both so that was a real treat.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Best: getting an encore in a town you’ve never played before. To show up somewhere for the first time, and have that wild enthusiasm right out of the gate – that’s a really special feeling between you and the audience.
Worst: It’s hard to find good tequila in the UK. We found something decent in the end, but those first few shops having nothing, those moments were absolutely terrifying.

What do you think of

We like it! We’re newcomers here, but it seems like a great place for artists and venues to connect with each other and get things done. Respect to you guys here for the work you do.