Half Way Records is passion over perfection and instinct over intellect

Half Way Records is a boutique and predominantly analog music production studio and record label based in Melbourne   Hi...

Half Way Records is a boutique and predominantly analog music production studio and record label based in Melbourne


Hi Luke, welcome to the LiveTrigger Magazine! Tell us a little about what you’ve been up to in 2019?

Hey! Thanks! It’s been a wild year so far to say the least.

I started the year with a few kick arse Half Way Sessions though (The mini documentary series of artists recording live to tape that we produce) I’ve played a few shows, recorded some artists, worked on some films got through a short stint of homelessness, you know, the usual!


Describe the Halfway Records in 3 sentences!

Half Way Records is a boutique and predominantly analog music production studio and record label in Melbourne, Australia.

The core ethos at Half Way Records reverberates around passion over perfection and instinct over intellect.

Some friends and I built the place from scratch out of mainly recycled material on a very low budget and the studio definitely has a vibe!

Beautiful girl with a Half Way Records tshirt and a car behind her


What have been some of the biggest challenges in developing Halfway Records?

The biggest challenge in the music community now days, and for Half Way is making enough $ to pay the bills.

Also, being able to move forward and invest time and resources into new ideas can be difficult because of this.

That’s just the truth.

The more resources we could have, the more music and content we can develop!


What was a crucial milestone in its evolution? And what about the biggest failure?

A few years ago, I travelled to USA to record my debut solo album GHOSTS after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The making of this record was hugely inspirational.

Thanks to my good friend and co-producer J Bonner, I was able to get the idea for the beginning of the studio and label.


What is your favourite gear at the studio?

I have a few cool old bits and bobs. I think that my OTARI MX80 16 track reel to reel is pretty damn cool though.


We love the concept of The Half Way Sessions. When and why did you start this project? And what is the story behind it?

Thank you!

I wanted to start the series as a way to re-credit artists and give them the liberating feeling of knowing that they can make music like this on tape.

I feel sometimes things get lost in the digital age of facade, editing and short-form presentation.

Everything feels like fucking Kmart to me!

Shiny up front but lacking in quality.

Quick and disposable.

I wanted to showcase how things REALLY are in a non-pretentious light.

The grit.

The conversations.

The lugging of gear.

The sweat.

The bullshit.

The rawness and the passion of a performance.

Warts and all.


What’s the inspiration behind your distinctive sound recordings?

Mainly old reggae, soul and rock and roll records.

Music that’s been made out of struggle and sounds like people trying hard.

Sounds that might be considered too abrasive or unpolished for popular radio.

The sound is just one thing though, and any great producer will know that it’s the song and the performance that resonates with people.

Find that and the rest will follow.

Some people get way too lost up their own asses worrying about how something needs to sound, but if those sounds don’t exist on a good song, then you’re wasting your time.


Tell us something about the three best Melbourne bands… one sentence each!

PRESS CLUB – Hands down my favorite new band because Nat is the best frontwoman this country has to offer and the rest of the crew are rock solid legends.


AYML AND THE SNIFFERS – Proper nasty unguarded blue collar rock and roll.


SOUNDS LIKE FRANCO – Because if Plutonic Lab took a shit on plate, it would still be awesome.


Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers that you’d like to mention?

I’m working on some new material, but nothing I can report at the moment!


What do you think about LiveTrigger?

Bloody marvelous. Good people. Intuitive and worth looking up!