Hardcore is dead as FYV are alive

Forever Young Viktoria is pure chaoscore from Ruhrpott, Germany: reborn from the ashes of a dead mathcore project, they hit your face with their pure hardcorepunk style blended with dissonant metalcore riffs

Can you please introduce the Forever Young Viktoria project to our readers?

Forever Young Viktoria is a 4 piece band formed in 2011 in Gelsenkirchen (Home of Schalke 04 ), Germany.
After releasing two records: The hardest part of ending is starting again (2011) and Consent to collapse (2014) we will release a new EP this summer. We played about 100 shows and were honored to support bands like Agnostic Front, Terror, Dog eat Dog, Norma Jean and others (no more name dropping here 😉
We feed a wide range from chaotic Punk to dissonant Hardcore and Metal without being fixed to one style.

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?

Most of the time we compose very intuitively till we receive a good construct. Afterwards we polish songs and bring them to life.
Usually our drummer and guitarplayer create the music and I fill in the vocals.
They come to rehearsals with new ideas and we work them out together ´till everyone is happy. No egotripping here! Inspiration comes from all kinds of music we like to hear, back from the 90ies to present. Lyrics are sometimes from a personal and sometimes from a general view on things happening in live and in this toilet earth.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

The most important thing for me is that a lot of people say we have our own style.
The world’s a stage, and there are many influential artists out there from Jazz to Metal, not easy to boil them down to an essence.
Some of our potential inspirations are Turmoil, Kiss it Goodbye, Deathspell Omega or Cynic to name a few.

What does it mean to be a Hardcore band today?

Hardcore isn’t what it was twenty years ago. Hardcore is dead in one way, but it´s more vivid than ever. So many styles developed, which i would not call HC. Codes and values have changed. Society changed so HC did too. For a band it´s a continuous struggle as no one is going to shows and buying music anymore.

They spent 4€ on a fucked up Starbucks coffee but won´t buy your shirt for only 8€. So, for some people HC is a label. For some it´s still an attitude which comes from the heart

What do you think about the European hardcore scene today?

Scenes never meant much too us. We know people that we would like to meet again and others that we don´t need to see a second time. I´m not saying that we are, or want to be outsiders, but we just try to focus on our music and doing our thing. Every scene has it´s real and fake parts. And you know who you are…

Tell us something about your next shows!

As were are hitting the studio in May, we are not so present as we used to be the last years. But in summer we will hit the road again and promote the new EP. Anyone interested in booking us, get in
touch! We try to plan a one week tour and maybe we can hit your club?!

What’s the coolest live act in your area?

Ruhrpott always had a great variety of bands. Too many to mention. But you should check out our friends Staredown and Eyes of Tomorrow!
Talking about locations you´ll find plenty here.
There are many clubs and venues doing HC shows every week. We got bigger festivals in our Area (Ruhr Area) such as Ruhrpott Rodeo (Punk Festival).

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Power Trip in Essen gave me a real good feeling last year.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

In general we like being on tour as we feel like teenagers again. The essence of it can be seen on youtube where you can find a video we did for “Consent to collapse” when we had a weekender in England.Exhausting but real fun.

What do you think of Livetrigger.com?

First of all we want to thank you for this interview!
Livetrigger.com is great for smaller DIY bands to get in touch with other bands or venues to organize gigs and stuff. So it will help us spreading the disease. Go check it out!


Pic by Der nöBär [ bildergraphy & mär]