Hunted By Elephants: Classic Riffs through the Heavy Power of Rock ‘n’ Roll

These elephants are heavy, given that the recipe is of sweet melodies through a raw and powerful delivery: no surprise...

These elephants are heavy, given that the recipe is of sweet melodies through a raw and powerful delivery: no surprise from Hunted by Elephants, a band that is bringing us back to the dawn of hard rock and metal – the 70s.


What is the Hunted by Elephants project and what’s the concept behind it?

We are a hard rock outfit started through a mutual love of the classics brought to the stage by the giants of the 70s.

Being a four piece, the idea is to bring uncomplicated, raw rock back onto the scene through creative new recordings and energetic live shows.


Who are the members of Hunted by Elephants?

From left to right:
Ray – Bass
Apostolis – Vocals
Roman – Guitar
Tom – Drums

Hunted by elephants band picture


How do you create music?

Given as we’ve not been playing together long, the main parts of some songs had been written before we got together – but now we love to just get in the studio and throw ideas into the mix.

As we’ve all got individual influences and styles, we think writing together has given the band a unique vibe.

It makes it a lot of fun to write a riff and have the other members build on it, when they like it, which happens… sometimes.


Where did you get inspiration for your music?

The sweet, sweet power of rock ‘n’ roll music, of course!

In all seriousness, it’s pretty straight forward – and not to mention cliché – we’re all musicians because we want to write and be on stage.

When we hear the records that inspire us, we want to do just that, and bring uncomplicated – did we already use that word? – hard rock back to the masses.


Who are your favourite artists and how did they influence your style & sound?

That’s got to be a musician’s favourite question!

All of us individually could talk for hours on end about our idols and argue between ourselves over the all-time top spots.

We love the timeless riff-driven rock anthems that are the precursors to today’s heavier stuff, and who doesn’t?

It’s the recipe of sweet melodies through a raw and powerful delivery that really gets us going, and hopefully that comes across in our songs!


Tell us something about the three best bands from London… one sentence each!

Queen have got to be on here – we can’t say much that’s already not been said, but their music has a great way of bringing people together and they’ve played some of the greatest stadium gigs of all time!

Pink Floyd – we like prog, rock or metal, and they were the pioneers!

And finally, did you know Led Zeppelin once performed as The Nobs?

We were gutted when we found out that name was taken…


What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

We went to see Rival Sons at the Roundhouse – we can safely say they deserve the praise they’ve been getting!

We’d not been to the venue before so amazing to see such a great band showcase it for us.



What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

We’ve only been playing together a few months so fortunately for us we don’t have too many embarrassing stories… yet.

A few dropped guitar picks and a few too many drinks isn’t really going to cut it, a few more gigs and we’ll deliver on that one… hopefully not too spectacularly.


What do you think about Livetrigger?

It’s great to see a social network focussed around connecting bands, fans, and people in the industry.

As every gigging band knows it can be hard work and pretty cut-throat out there so the more ways to make connections the better and it’s free so, what could be better?

We’re definitely going to be using it as we’re looking to get a tour booked in the near future!