Jayden Oath, A musician. A Film Director

Jayden Oath is the Solo Electronic/Rock project of the Egyptian/Canadian musician and filmmaker Youssef Alimam   Hi Jayden, welcome to...

Jayden Oath is the Solo Electronic/Rock project of the Egyptian/Canadian musician and filmmaker Youssef Alimam


Hi Jayden, welcome to the LiveTrigger Magazine!

Thanks for being the first musician to subscribe LiveTrigger from Egypt… we hope that other musicians and promoters will follow your example 😊

Let’s start by introducing yourself: who’s Jayden Oath?

Jayden Oath is The Electronic Rock Project of Multi Instrumental Musician/Film Maker Youssef Alimam Based in Cairo Egypt.


Tell us a little about what you’ve been up to in 2019?

I’ve Been Working in the studio finishing my first Album (Dark Orders) Which is kind of a Blend between (Psychedelic/Dance music/Cinematic) and will be out on all platforms hopefully by September 2019.

I also played a few local live shows in Cairo, hopefully, I’ll be keeping the work parallel between studio time and Live performances within Cairo and touring Europe.


Where did you get inspiration for your music?

I get Inspiration Mainly from personal experiences and people I talk to, Life in general, and the struggles we face every day.

Music is my number outlet for my daily thoughts and emotions that just need a canvas to spill out upon…

And of course, a different type of Inspiration would be from many forms of art and science like paintings, psychology, physics, movies.

I work as a Cinematographer/Director when I’m not in the studio or touring, and that inspires me to collide both worlds of cinema and music into one.



How do you create music?

There isn’t really a certain method I have It happens randomly, and everywhere.

I walk around with a portable studio in my bag, carrying a laptop with my DAW, and a small midi controller, and I would just go about my day either having coffee somewhere, and I would just slip on headphones and start producing tracks that would later end up being re-recorded and finished at the studio.

Ideas sometimes start off as a Beat in my head or a melody that I would sing into my phone or play on acoustic guitar before I produce them.

Writing lyrics started ever since I was a kid on the school bus, I would just stare outside the window watching the world and people pass by while listening to music, and I would just write how I felt or stories in the form of lyrics, and until this day, my favorite place to write lyrics, is on a Bus.


Who are your favourite artists and how did they influence your style & sound?

Well, the list is endless, I cannot list enough names, but at the current moment, I would say my latest favorite artists are KIASMOS, TESSERACT, SHPONGLE, SHKOON, FEVER 333, NOTHING MORE And MASSIVE ATTACK.

I believe MASSIVE ATTACK, for example, gave me a certain outlook on music that I didn’t have before discovering them way back, and its the approach to writing music that gives you an image in your head, it feels like you’re watching a scene from a film with a certain mood, or genre..

I would say they have a very meticulous and Dark vibe to them that just makes me feel like I’m inside the song, and my approach to writing music is pretty much to give the listener that experience of seeing a certain scene as they listen and close their eyes.


What about your next gigs. Are you planning a tour?

Definitely planning to tour in Europe By September and Probably will be playing some local Live shows before the fall, and what comes next after that I’m still waiting to see where else can I go.


What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

Well I’d say my best memory was a concert I played in Bayreuth Germany, and having people dance to an improv we did that was kind of a fusion between rock and “Mahragan/Shaaby Music” which is a very popular type of Egyptian music that has high energy and a sort of psychedelic element to it, and knowing that this isn’t common music in Beyreuth I truly enjoyed the engagement I had with the crowd when they heard this type of music and really got into it.

My worst Memory would be of course having forgotten Lyrics to a very famous “21 PILOTS” song I was covering, when its one of my very favorite songs, and having to pretend like I’m handing the crowd the mic to sing along.

But it went alright..its better to forget your own lyrics, rather than lyrics of a band as famous as 21 PILOTS.


What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Kerla Dust, a band from London live in Hurgada/Egypt was one of the best recent performances I’ve seen.


Thanks for the answers, Jayden Oath, so… What do you think about Livetrigger?

I think LiveTrigger is a genius idea, I have a feeling that it will really help tour and get to reach venues and musicians easier.

A platform like this is every musician’s dream, and I’m supporting it all the way and hoping that the community will grow bigger within the next few years.