Kill The Rooster! Energetic rock trio from Copenhagen

From Denmark, Kill The Rooster: inspired by personal experiences and society, influenced by Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down and Green Day

Hi. Tell us something about Kill The Rooster project.

Hi. Kill The Rooster is an energetic rock band with punk attitude that was formed in 2007. Members are: Leo on drums, Troels on bass and Carsten on Guitar and vocals.

Where did you get inspiration for your music?

We get musically inspired from watching other bands who are really good. When we see a band and they’re blowing our minds, it makes us want to get better. It’s important for us to be good live and perhaps it’ll leave a positive memory in people’s minds. Lyrically we’re inspired to write about our own personal experiences or something about society or our culture.

On you define your genre punk rock. What does it mean for you to be a punk rock band today?

For us being a punk rock band today means that we’re broke and owe money to the bank. We’re not overly attached to the term punk rock. We use it to quickly describe what our band sounds like when we’re booking shows or creating online profiles. We might change it in the future if we feel like it doesn’t fit our music anymore.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

The most noticeable ones are, The Living End, Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down and Green Day. There are many more bands we listen to that have influenced us, which maybe can’t be heard in our music but rather sensed as an attitude or a feeling.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Against Me. The energy they put out is contagious and uplifting.

Do you plan to have a tour in the next future? Tell us something about it.

Right now we don’t have any plans. Leo and Troels are playing in Copenhagen based punk band Forever Unclean, and Carsten has a solo project called Mole Face. The future of Kill The Rooster is uncertain for now.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

The best memory is when we went to Russia in 2011 to play 4 shows. Every show was great and the people were very dedicated. Because Russia is more closed to outsiders than Europe, they really appreciated that we came to their country to play. They were very generous and gave us beer, vodka and food.

We’ve never had anything really bad happen but the worst memory was when we were going through border patrol to get into Norway. When they realized that we were a band on the road they immediately suspected us of having drugs or something illegal with us. So we spend an hour at the border in a waiting room with a very angry border patrol person who yelled at us that we had to confess if we had anything illegal. It was slightly unpleasant but mostly ridiculous. When they had emptied our van and still not found anything they let us go.

What do you think of Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?

It can be a great way to connect with other bands and organize shows, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to give this interview and have the chance to reach new people, so thank you very much.

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